Ka'Vyea Buddha Tyson-Curry Fund  

Our Village, Our Children


Ka'vyea 'Buddha' Tyson-Curry

Buddha our vibrant 10 year old lil' man is in the fight of his life. The vicious attack that left his father dead and him with serious life threatening injuries has struck a nerve in our Village. THE KILLING MUST STOP! NOW!

As Buddha battles the pain of his injuries and what most certainly is going to be a long road to recovery we as a community, his Village, can show him that he's not in this battle alone.

We can show Buddha this remarkable and brave young man we've got his back. We can show Buddha that the pain he is currently experiencing won't be in vain. We can show Buddha by standing UP for him against the evil that nearly took his life. We can show Buddha that his Village is not going to leave him alone like the cowards that ignored his cries for help that night.

We've already completed the first step for him, the monster that did this is off the streets forever. The Village was awakened that night and it spoke with one voice! 

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